X-Ray Optics Calculator

Compound Refractive Cylindrical Lens

Lens Parameters
   Radius of Holes, μm
   Number of Holes
   Space between Holes, μm
   Lens Length, mm
Lens characteristics
   Focus distance, cm
   Focus Depth, mm
   Image distance, cm
   Effective Aperture, μm
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   Resolution, μm
Diffraction limit   
Source size limit   
   Intensity Loss on bridges, %
   Ideal Gain
    + Source account
    ++ Roughness account    Total RMS Roughness, μm
Lens Material
Material Name
Chemical Formula
Choose Material Type
   Photon energy, 0.01 - 10000 keV
   Wavelength, Å
   Source-Lens Distance, m
   Source size, μm
   Source horizontal size, μm

Serguei Kuznetsov , IMT RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia.