X-Ray Optics Calculator

Planar Kinoform Refractive Lens

Lens Parameters
   Full Aperture, μm
   Number of phase drops, M
   Number of Lenses, p
   Number of segment pairs, N
   Single Lens Length, μm
   Last segment width, μm
   Lenses Total Length, μm
Lens characteristics
   Focus distance, cm
   Focus Depth, mm
   Image distance, cm
   Phase-matching number
   Intensity Transmission, %
   Resolution, μm
Diffraction limit   
Source size limit   
Source account   
+ Roughness account       Total RMS Roughness, μm
Lens Material
Material Name
Chemical Formula
Choose Material Type
   Photon energy, 0.01 - 10000 keV
   Wavelength, Å
   Source-Lens Distance, m
   Source size, μm
   Source horizontal size, μm

Serguei Kuznetsov , IMT RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia.